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Statewide Traffic Offense Program of Michigan

The Statewide Traffic Offense Program (S.T.O.P.) of Michigan is an educational tool designed to assist the courts in making our roads safer. Our purpose is to provide a court sponsored service to those individuals who have been written a moving violation.

Typically, a driver who receives a moving violation and goes to court, ends up back on the road no more informed or educated than they were before their violation. That driver, more than likely, will continue to operate their motor vehicle in the same manner as they did prior to being stopped by the officer. The practice of educating drivers based on their mistakes will be beneficial not only to the driver, but to other operators as well.

The Statewide Traffic Offense Program gives the courts the opportunity to help drivers become better operators. By doing this, we can help make our roads in the great state of Michigan, safer to travel on.

Among other things, drivers who attend the Statewide Traffic Offense Program, will learn defensive driving techniques, traffic laws specific to Michigan, practices for personal safety, and driver and vehicle limitations.

The program can be tailored to fit your courts needs for a driver improvement course as far as program content, instruction location, the cost and the frequency of classes.

If you are a court administrator or judge, and are interested in the Statewide Traffic Offense Program, contact us and we will be glad to discuss your needs over the phone, or even come to your location and give you a presentation of our services.

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